We have been in business since 2001 and are proud to serve Okaloosa and surrounding counties.

We may be small, but we have a big heart!


Back in 2001, Jeb Hohl and two other individuals had a dream of creating a place where one could find almost any type of craft and domestic beer in one location.  None of them knew anything about running, let alone owning a restaurant/pub.  After 2 months, the other two individuals decided running a pub wasn't what they had envisioned and sold their part of the business to Jeb. He was devastated at first, having to learn and run a business by himself wasn't what he had envisioned. But he knew if he put in long hours, along with sweat and tears to learn the business he could make his dream come true. Since then, Jeb has made Shalimar Cheers Pub into a place where people can come to relax and have a selection of  beer that no-one else has in the area.