Our Customers Mean the World to Us.

 We're in business because of our customers.  We understand great service, good food and drink is what keeps you coming back time after time. We love getting to know you and your name, our customers are like family!

If you haven't discovered Shalimar Cheers pub, you're in for a treat.  We're a small pub that offers 80 different beers on tap, we also have wine for the non-beer drinkers of the world.  If you're looking for a place that has a cozy home feeling, and friendly staff that welcomes you every time you come in then Shalimar Cheers Pub is the place for you.

Good Times!


What our customers are saying

Absolutely love this little dive bar. They also carry like 80 different beers on tap so a nice variety. Me and some coworkers have been here several times and I have yet to have anything bad off their menu. One of my favorite items they have that you have to request is their sadistic hot sauce, it is hot but it also has great flavor. However it is made they balanced the heat and flavor perfectly, this sauce is not for the faint of heart so try at your own risk.

Jamie B. Jamie B.
So this is my third time here in two weeks
That means a lot of things. 1. It is a small establishment but it is comfortable. 2. 75 beers of all types on tap and 11 TV's 3. Crispy wings if you like your wings crispy which I do. 4.Well staffed. So overall great time and great beer. Give it a try. Javi O.
Ok, as a native Midwesterner
I was happy to see 2 of my favorites on the menu: pork tenderloin sandwich and Cincinnati style chili. Not only are they on the menu but they are both nicely done. The tenderloin was huge and flavorful. The chili tasted just like Skyline. Couple that with an incredible beer selection as well as NFL Sunday Ticket and this place hits on all cylinders. This is my new Sunday haunt. Jim H.
Absolutely amazing service,
If you don't know what to get: ask the server. They are honest and have great advice. I was pregnant and craving fried pickles, and theirs were excellent (the pickles didn't slide out of the breading like at some places). Our food was amazing, but when they say large portions: they mean it!! This is also a great place to go watch sports like soccer. Stephanie D.